Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • Common Bike Accident Collisions

    In today’s busy world, many drivers find themselves distracted on the road. Whether drivers are changing their song on Spotify, texting their friends, or playing Pokémon Go, driving distracted is driving negligently and driving negligently can result in injury. This means that even careful cyclists can find themselves in an accident. In this situation it is important to talk to a Greenville MS ...
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  • The Importance of "Duty of Care" in a Premises Liability Claim

    Premises liability law is considered a branch of the personal injury tree. However, while personal injury cases often entail an injured plaintiff suing a defendant, premises liability involves the plaintiff suing a property owner. Whether in public or private places, property owners have a legal duty to those who enter their property and a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for them or ...
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  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Mississippi

    Multi-vehicle accidents, also known as pile-up accidents and chain reaction accidents, are often complex and frustrating. Unlike your average car accident that involves only two vehicles, a chain reaction collision can affect more than three drivers. The reason why car accidents like these can be more complicated is because liability is more difficult to determine, since either the individual who ...
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  • Injured by a Fatigued Truck Driver?

    Because commercial trucks can weigh a maximum 80,000 pounds, they are difficult to maneuver and stop, especially at high speeds. If a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel, their ability to properly react and make adequate decisions on the road is substantially reduced. How to Prove Negligence by a Fatigued Truck Driver Based on the regulations by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ...
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  • Worldwide Recall on Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Phone

    Upon its anticipated release, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was considered a high scoring product by reviews from all over the world. However, several reports claim that the batteries used in the phone were prone to explosion, resulting in a global recall of the device. The issue occurs when faulty devices are being charged. An investigation determined the problem is with the battery itself, as opposed ...
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